1.1 Assessment procedures are to support the principles of fair assessment and implement best practices for grading and reporting student achievment.

Authentic Assessment Power Point Presentation
What is Authentic Assessment? This Power Point presentation provides a quick overview that will assist teachers in understanding how to create authentic, meaningful assessments in their classroom.

Eight Big Ideas of Assessment Fact Sheet
This Assessment Fact Sheet provides a concise summary of the Eight Best Practices of Assessment as outlined in Damian Cooper's book, Talk About Assessment: Strategies and Tools to Improve Learning. This information can be used by teachers as they set professional learning goals, by Administrators as they conduct walk-throughs and begin conversations around best practices in their schools.

Elementary Assesment Fact Sheet
Indicators of sound classroom assessment practice are provided in an easy-to-read chart format. This list of indicators could be used for teachers or for Administrators. As well, this Assessment Fact Sheet provides guidelines for ensuring accurate assessment information is gathered throughout the year.

History and Purpose of Grading Power Point Presentation
An overview of where we are now in terms of best practices for assessment are presented in this Power Point presentation for Administrators and teachers.
Grades for Missing Work
Grades for Missing Work Video
A quick overview of this topic presented by Dr. Douglas Reeves.

Seven Strategies: Assessment for Learning Fact Sheet
These practices reflect the best practices for sound assessment in the classroom.
Toxic Grading Practices
Toxic Grading Practices
Dr. Douglas Reeves presents his findings about assessment practices that do not support learning.