1.2 Teachers are to use a variety of assessment practices that are fair, objective, and reflect sound professional judgment.

Alternatives to Zeroes Fact Sheet
In this Assessment Fact Sheet, readers will explore problems with the practice of giving zeroes, as well as some suggestions for supporting teachers and learners. Specific suggestions for schools and classrooms are provided as well as a list of resources.

Differentiated Assessment Fact Sheet
Differentiation is what we do to enable more students to meet outcomes. The teacher who plans instruction and assessment to accommodate differences chooses the tools that are best to meet the needs of learners. This Assessment Fact sheet explores when and how to differentiate assessment in the classroom.

Elementary Assessment Fact Sheet
Indicators of sound classroom assessment practice are provided in an easy-to-read chart format. This list of indicators could be used for teachers or for Administrators. As well, this Assessment Fact Sheet provides guidelines for ensuring accurate assessment information is gathered throughout the year.

Tips for Reassessment Fact Sheet
Based on the work of Rick Wormeli, this Assessment Fact Sheet provides suggestions for teachers who are interested in doing assessments the right way the first time! Assessment tips from Kenaston School will help teachers in creating an environment where reassessments are conducted in a supportive, positive manner.