1.5 Diagnostic and formative assessments will be used to provide direction for improvement or adjustment to a program of instruction (This is assessment for learning).

** For more thorough explanation of Assessment for Learning, check out the Assessment for Learning Wikispace created by Kim Hobbs.

Effective Feedback Fact Sheet
Feedback focuses on characteristics of the work the student has done or on characteristics of the process used. It points out what the student has done well (success feedback) and gives specific information to guide improvement (intervention feedback). This Assessment Fact Sheets provides ideas for providing quality feedback.

Effective Feedback Workbook
For Administrators and teachers looking for additional information about Effective Feedback, this workbook provides even more information.

Formative Assessment Fact Sheet
Formative assessments refer to the ongoing process that students and teachers engage in when they focus on learning goals, know where they are now, and take action to close the learning gap. This Assessment Fact Sheet provides Seven Strategies for Formative Assessment based on the work of Jan Chappuis in a concise, easy-to-understand format.

Seven Strategies: Assessment for Learning Fact Sheet
This face sheet provides a quick overview of seven assessment strategies that reflect best practices.