1.8 Teachers are to report student progress to parents to guardians by means of parent-teacher-student conferences, reports cards, personal contact, and information technology such as PowerSchool, emails, blogs, etc.

The goal is for all students to achieve a comprehensive understanding, indicating appropriate mastery of the prescribed learning outcomes at their grade level. Most students will achieve a 2, 3, or 4 indicating incomplete to complete understanding whereas smaller percentages of students are likely to achieve a 1 or a 5, demonstrating either a lack of understanding or superior mastery. Students achieving at a Level 5 are likely to require enriched programs and students achieving at a Level 1 should be considered for a reduced program.

Benefits of the Student Led Conferences are outlined in this Assessment Fact Sheet. Practical suggestions for conferences are provided in the Before, During, and After Sections. A list of references will help Adminstrators and teachers locate further information on this topic.

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