How can teachers use technology to enhance their assessment as they share results with parents and students?

Idea #1 - Digital Documentation

There are numerous ways to document student learning. Digital documentation (portfolio) is one of them. The following template is an example for Pre-K teachers, but can be adapted to work in any classsroom!
The temple allows the classroom teacher to report growth in the five Pre-K “domains” using photos and descriptive text. Each page gives a description of the targeted domain in language understood by parents. Most pages will then have spaces for two photos and two text descriptions.
How it Works
Teachers organize photos throughout the year in digital student folders. Within each child’s folder are four or five subfolders, one for each domain. Photos are saved daily or weekly in the appropriate domain subfolder for easy access – no sorting through reams of photos at the end of the month or year! Anecdotal notes may be kept to aid in writing the descriptive text.

Best of all, this template can be adapted to any subject and any grade level by changing the domain descriptions to subject-specific outcome criteria.

To set up a Digital Portfolio in your classroom, contact your Learning Coach!

Four Domain Portfolio Template (PDF format)
Four Domain Portfolio Template (Publisher format)