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The purpose of this wikispace is to support administrators and teachers in Saskatchewan as they extend their professional learning about assessment.

This wikispace has been developed by the Sun West Assessment Committee, and the CAIT (Curriculum, Assessment, Instruction, Technology) Team

"Student assessment is a deliberate process used to provide feedback and evidence for making judgments about students' learning in relation to identified learning outcomes. Teachers guide the evaluation and reporting of student progress to parents/guardians" - Sun West Administrative Procedures 370: Student Assessment


1.1 Assessment procedures are to support the principles of fair assessment and implement best practices for grading and reporting student achievement.
1.2 Teachers are to use a variety of assessment practices that are fair, objective, and reflect sound professional judgment.
1.3 Student grades are to reflect the level of achievement of the learning outcomes.
1.4 Learning Behaviours will be reported separately.
1.5 Diagnostic and formative assessments will be used to provide direction for improvement or adjustment to a program of instruction (This is assessment for learning).
1.6 Summative assessment will be used to make judgments about a student's achievement at the end of a sequence of instruction in order to assign a grade (assessment of learning).
1.7 Students will be involved in the assessment and grading process, through the use of rubrics, exemplars, inquiry learning, and other means.
1.8 Teachers are to report student progress to parents to guardians by means of parent-teacher-student conferences, reports cards, personal contact, and information technology such as
PowerSchool, emails, blogs, etc.

Below is a link to a website created by Danielle Jamieson titled, "On Common Ground". The intent of the website is share common understandings for our Sun West School Division.

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WEBINAR: Old School Assessment VS New School Assessment: Created by: Arlene Low ( Learning Coach)

Sun West Assessment Procedures Document forms the basis of this wikispace.

Assessment Committee 2012

Shari Martin - Superintendent
Aaron Biberdorf
Arelene Low
Amy Orth
Carole Butcher
Chris Oscar
Danielle Jamieson
Jade Ballek
Jeff Sopczak
Kathy Friesen
Kim Hobbs
Scott Stephens
Shirley Barclay
Vanessa Lewis
Vicki Moore